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Meet The Co-Owners of Catering Concepts, Inc.

Updated: May 10, 2018

Celebrating 25 Years of Catering Concepts, Inc

Meet Our Co- Owner & Executive Chef, Eddy Byrne. Eddy brings over 40 years of restaurant experience to the business. Eddy & his Culinary Team create all of our custom menus and recipes, delivering culinary artistry like no other in Hampton Roads.

Meet Our Co- Owner & Lead Event Specialist & Event Designer, Susan Byrne. Susan’s expertise puts her at the helm of all event design, tablescape creations, and the overall implementation of our events.

*Photography by Dee Akright Photographers

Celebrating 30 Years Of A Successful

Business Partnership

Co- Owners of Catering Concepts, Inc. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Co- Owners of Catering Concepts, Inc. Susan Byrne & Eddy Byrne

Susan and Eddy have worked together for over 30 years fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream. Professionally, they have faced many challenges, and the company has stood the test of time. The mid- 2000’s brought the crazy boom, and fall, of the economy, yet Catering Concepts, Inc. not only persevered, but prospered, and continues to grow today. In the interest of work life balance, Susan and Eddy thought it best to put some distance between their personal and professional lives. While having divorced nearly 10 years ago, Susan and Eddy have remained 100% committed to the success of the company and that commitment has never faltered. Proud Parents! In addition to it being the 25th year in business, Susan and Eddy co-parent their son Christian, now a senior in high school and graduating this spring! Much excitement for these proud parents & business partners!

Photography by Dee Akright Photographers

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