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Meet Our Team

Eddy Byrne, Co-Owner & Executive Chef

Eddy brings over 40 years of restaurant and food service experience to Catering Concepts, Inc. and was former Co-Owner of Boxing Cat Café, and Managing Partner of Wesley's Restaurants in Greenwich, Connecticut. Eddy oversees the "Back of the House" operations for Catering Concepts, Inc. maintaining high standards of quality, excellence, and consistency, while developing menus and pricing for all of our events and personally overseeing all Kosher Food Preparation.

Susan Byrne, Co-Owner & Lead Event Specialist & Designer

Susan has over 30 years of retail and food service experience, working in the restaurant and floral design industries. She works closely with the administrative department, and heads up the Sales Event Specialists' & Event Design Departments. Susan has forged many long-term relationships with our clients over the years, and thrives on the logistical, creative, and culinary challenges of off-premise catering. She is constantly seeking new ideas and trends to keep the company on the cutting edge in food and service presentation, which has over the years has naturally and successfully recently expanded to include event décor.


Michael  Reese, General Manager

Mike has over 26 years experience in business accounting, specializing in streamlining organizational and bookkeeping practices to improving company efficiency and customer service. Mike heads up the Administrative and Operations Departments, working closely with owners Eddy Byrne and Susan Byrne to improve systems and policies.  Mike also oversees, the internal logistics such as packing, warehouse traffic flow, as well as building and fleet maintenance and equipment purchasing.


604 Jack Rabbit Road, Suite D, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Telephone: 757-425-5682 Fax: 757-425-5923    email:

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