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Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

Americas Favorite!

Seasoned Lean Ground Beef,

Sharp Cheddar and Crisp Bacon

Served with sides of Flavored Ketchups & Dijon Mustard


Crab Cake Sliders

A Classic Regional Favorite!

Loaded with Backfin Crabmeat and Pan Seared 

Served on a Soft Slider Bun with Tartar Sauce


BBQ Chicken Sliders

Boneless Breast of Chicken with our 

Delicious Raspberry BBQ Sauce and Havarti


Sicilian Chicken Sliders

Herb Grilled Breast of Chicken with a Sweet Garlic Aioli,

Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Danish Havarti


Pork BBQ Sliders

Tender Pork with a North Carolina Style

Cider Vinegar Based Sauce

Served with Texas Pete on the Side


Smore’s Station

The Perfect Culinary “Night Cap”
Honey Graham Crackers with Hersey’s Chocolate

Skewered Marshmallows


604 Jack Rabbit Road, Suite D, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Telephone: 757-425-5682 Fax: 757-425-5923 email:

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